CHANEL Spring 2012 Collection “Harmonie de Printemps”

Here they come! Orange, Peach and Coral shades for eyes, lips and cheeks!

Orange, Peach and Coral shades will be with us this spring. Chanel interprets the trendiest colour of this season with the spring collection called “Harmonie de Printemps”. The name refers to the harmony of colours which pays attention all the same to eyes, lips and cheeks, avoiding strong contrasts. The result is a very sweet, feminine and sensual look. Chanel knows how to make everything look really elegant. I love everything they launch!

For the eyes peach and beige shades combined with garnet. Attention girls! The garnet shade for eyes it is a “must have” this season. Other brands, like Tom Ford or Nars also include this colour in their looks for this spring. How to get the look: with the new eyes shadow “Eclosion” (Quadra Eyes shadow, includes two neutral shades, a soft coral shade and the intense garnet shade). If you want to intensify your look, the eyeliner “Stylo Yeux Waterproof Grenat”, it comes in a garnet shade. This is a colour which intensifies your look but at the same time it makes it softer.

For your lips you have different options: 3 new shades of the lipstick Rouge Coco: Chalys (an orange shade going on coral), Paradis (a pink shade also going on coral, more vibrant and stronger than a regular pink) and Destinée (a plum shade, the more intense option for those who like “start lips”). We also have two new options of the lipstick Rouge Coco Shine (colour but with a gloss finish): Candeur (a nude peach) and Flirt (orange without stridencies, perfect for summer time, very flattering!).

If you want extra shinning lips, you can add a touch of lip-gloss “lèvres Scintillantes glossimer”: This is the Chanel lip-gloss with shinier and more intense colors, also a more frosty finish than the rest of the lip-gloss. You can find 3 different shades to match the collection lipstick shades: Bonbon (soft peach), Pétillante shade (tan shade) and Bagatelle shade (coral pink, great to go with coral pinks and also orangish shades) if you like the finish of the photo.

For your cheeks, I love the blush with different mixed shades from the orange-peach to the coral pink, to be mixed with the brush and get that healthy look cheeks which is so trendy. It is also a good choice if you want to make-up in peach shades one day and in pink shades the next one, matching the blush with your lips.

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