EMBRYOLISSE, Is it as wonderful as it said?

We tried the multi-purpose cream: it moisturize, cleans your skin, can be used as a face mask, everything at a good price!

I really wanted to try the Embryolisse Rich Moisturizing Cream since a long time ago. It is very well-known among models and celebrities. I wanted to check all its benefits and know its real value! The story of this product starts in 1950 with the dermatologist who created this formula.  The qualities of this product have been spread by word of mouth to the present days.

This is Multi-task product, works as a moisturizing and a light nourishing cream, you can also use it as a cleansing milk, as a soothing and hydrating face mask, as an after sun moisturizing or a men after shave soother, even as a baby balm. It feels a bit dense at the beginning but it melts into your skin instantly. A small quantity goes a long way, with a bit of cream is enough for all your face.

The pros:

Extra moisturizing and a bit nourishing, without being greasy, it can be used by all skin types but oily and combination young skins with a tendency to shine, which will not find the cream very satisfying. I think this cream is great for normal, dry and sensitive skins.

It is tested under dermatological supervision to minimise the likelihood of allergic reaction. Perfume and Paraben free. Fantastic size: 75 ml. The Price is also great, between 15 and 20 Euros.

The cons:

It is a product without sunscreen. It mainly contains moisturizing and protective ingredients, very few anti-ageing active ingredients.

You cannot buy the cream in Spain yet. It is only sold in French pharmacies. It can be bought through the web www.screenface.com, the price is 16.50 GBP plus shipping expenses.

The main ingredients are:

- Shea butter, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E.

- Protective, softening beeswax.

- Aloe Vera which stimulates cell regeneration and keeps your skin moisturizing.

- Soy proteins which reinforce and stimulate collagen fibres.

I liked the product very much. It is nice for carrying in your bag when travelling.  If you use it as cleansing milk, after applying with your fingers or a cotton pad, there is no need to use a toning lotion, you just rinse your face with water and the skin feels very soft. As a moisturizing cream is great and you can also apply a small quantity before your foundation, it does not minimize its duration. You can apply it for 15 minutes as a face moisturizing mask. It is fantastic for dry up skins (this happens very often during the winter due to the cold weather and the sudden change in temperature. I have to add that for women over 40, as me, it is a poor treatment, it is better to use it just as a day cream and apply a firming cream at night. Another option is to apply the cream day and night, together with an anti-ageing serum which gives an extra help!


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