How to apply fake eyelashes properly

There are many occasions when we need to look more sophisticated than we do usually. A way to boost your eyes look, It is to wear fake lashes. I have been asked very often about applying fake lashes.

It is much easier than it seems, you just have to follow these steps:

1º Fake lashes are often longer than the eye so they suit any eye length. The first thing is to measure the fake lashes against the length of your own natural lashes and see how much we have to trim.

2º Trim the extra length. You better trim the lashes which are the longest. This end that you trim will correspond to the external corner of the eye. We will still have lashes in different sizes.

3º Apply the adhesive to the full length of the base of the false lashes. Wait a few minutes for the adhesive to get tacky as you do with any glue. Sometimes the adhesive that comes with the fake eyelashes is very weak, so the lashes get loose in the middle of the night and it catch you unaware. Even if the false lashes are cheap, get a high quality adhesive like the one from Mac, Duo adhesive, or the different brands sold by professional makeup stores. I’m using Shu Uemura eyelash adhesive.

4º  The fake lashes have to be placed carefully  as closer as possible to your natural lash line, starting right in the middle, the closer you place them the best they will look. Wait a bit to allow the adhesive to dry and then press along the lashes to set.

5º  Apply some mascara so the real lashes and the fake ones get  bond.

6º  You can also apply some eyeliner to cover the gaps between both lashes (fake and real).

The most glamorous and spectacular lashes!

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