“Lumi Magique” Foundation and “Lumi Magique” Pure Light Primer from L’Oréal (Part 2)

I have tested the Luz Magique foundation and the Lumi Magique prime. We have kept our Word! Here you have the photographs of Lumi Magique foundation applied together with the Lumi Magigue primer. I used the DW3 shade as the model’s skin is very fair and rosy.

I tried the two ways of applying the foundation that I commented before.

Option 1. With your skin moisturized apply the Lumi Magique primer, and after it we start with the foundation.

Option 2. Once you have applied the moisturizer, mix in your hand the foundation with a bit of the primer and apply the mixture on your face.

Personally, I prefer the second option: As you give a bit of heat to the mix when blending both products, the pigments are boosted and the skin looks more golden and also more lighted.  I don’t know if you really can appreciate it in the photographs but on the left side of the face (photo 1) the skin is a bit whiter and not so glossy. On the right side of the face (photo 2) the golden shade is boosted, and the light it reflects more with the pigments place on your skin, that’s why it looks shiner.

A bit of Touch Eclat, shade 02 from Yves Saint Laurent range will cover the dark circles under your eyes.

And last I applied a very light loose powder to help the brush gliding when applying the bronzer powder on the cheek bones.

And a touch of lip gloss on your lips.

It is your turn now!

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