“Lumi Magique” Foundation and “Lumi Magique” Pure Light Primer from L’Oréal (Part 2)


I have tested the Luz Magique foundation and the Lumi Magique prime. We have kept our Word! Here you have the photographs of Lumi Magique foundation applied together with the Lumi Magigue primer. I used the DW3 shade as the model’s skin is very fair and rosy.

I tried the two ways of applying the foundation that I commented before. [Read more...]

How to apply fake eyelashes properly


There are many occasions when we need to look more sophisticated than we do usually. A way to boost your eyes look, It is to wear fake lashes. I have been asked very often about applying fake lashes.

It is much easier than it seems, you just have to follow these steps: [Read more...]

EMBRYOLISSE, Is it as wonderful as it said?


We tried the multi-purpose cream: it moisturize, cleans your skin, can be used as a face mask, everything at a good price!

I really wanted to try the Embryolisse Rich Moisturizing Cream since a long time ago. It is very well-known among models and celebrities. I wanted to check all its benefits and know its real value! [Read more...]

DIOR Vernis Spring 2012 Collection


More colour in our hands!

Two new limited edition nail polishes which are inspired by a garden full of roses, as the whole spring 2012 collection. Two scented nail polishes with rose fragrance. [Read more...]

CHANEL Spring 2012 Collection “Harmonie de Printemps”


Here they come! Orange, Peach and Coral shades for eyes, lips and cheeks!

Orange, Peach and Coral shades will be with us this spring. Chanel interprets the trendiest colour of this season with the spring collection called “Harmonie de Printemps”. The name refers to the harmony of colours which pays attention all the same to eyes, lips and cheeks, avoiding strong contrasts. The result is a very sweet, feminine and sensual look. Chanel knows how to make everything look really elegant. I love everything they launch! [Read more...]



With spring comes the light! We tested the last products from L’Oreal which illuminate the skin.

One of the trendiest looks of the moment is the fresh looking faces with skin that irradiates light from inside, with a lightly golden glow, smooth and without the mask effect.

L’oreal has just launched a new foundation “Lumi Magique”. This is a foundation with brightening pigments. A light texture which melts into your skin when you apply it (whether you use your fingers or a brush), your skin feels moisturizer, slightly silky and with a fresh look. The finish is not oily but glowing. For those with combination skin who are afraid of shine, you can apply some loose powder just in the T zone (forehead, nose and chin) I highly recommend this product for all skin types but for those with very oily skin. In this case you can look “shiny” instead of “glossy”, and of course that’s not what we are looking for!

It comes in five shades, all very good choices in my opinion: two medium beige shades (N3 and N4) and three tanned shades which match your skin wonderfully and give you a less winter skin tone (DW3 is a medium shade, DW5 and DW6 are for those who need a darker shade). These are tanned shades but without that awful orange tone of some dark shade foundations. Just a look to the different shades and you will find yourself thinking about spring and the first sun rays!

The foundation has been launched together with a make-up primer or “first step before you apply your makeup” which complement that extra-luminous effect in all your skin. The primer has a very fluid and light texture and pearly pigments that reflect the light in a very soft way.

You can use it in different ways, try and see which one it suits you:

-  The usual way is: moisturizing cream + make-up primer + foundation

-  Tip: you can mix in your hand a bit of primer with the usual amount of foundation. Apply this mixture right after the moisturizing cream. This way we get in just one step an extra-glowing foundation.

If you want to enhance the luminosity in some zones, like your cheekbones, you can apply a little bit more of the make-up primer with light tapping motions to the upper side of them.

For those who like a very natural look, this foundation is the perfect base for a spring look, light and radiant!

And last but not less: the price is really good: 15.00€ approximately.

For the moment I have just added some photos of the products and the shades, but I promise to add more photos showing a look using this kind of foundation and make-up prime.